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Who We Are

Awaken Life was conceived with one vision in mind. To help you end your struggle with infertility or hormonal imbalance. We have assembled a team of highly skilled practitioners who are all deeply passionate about fertility, women's health, hormone health and natural forms of medicine.

Improve Fertility

Want to optimize your Fertility?
Our signature Natural Fertility Program, is a unique system to help uncover the hidden imbalances leading to infertility. We use safe, effective, natural therapies to restore balance and optimize your fertility, support IVF and IUI and assist with natural conception.

Balance Hormones

Feeling out of balance?
It could be your Hormones! Hormones are complicated – let us help you identify what is out of balance and get you back on track through the use of safe and natural treatments that restore your health. Whether it's your energy levels, period troubles, menopausal symptoms,  or more, we can help.

Our Vision Experience a Completely Different Approach

Your Body

We consider more than just your symptoms. We integrate all aspects of your health which means treating your entire body with an individualized approach. When the body is in balance, hormones naturally take their place, and fertility follows.

Your Voice

We want to get to know you, not just your medical related symptoms.  At Awaken Life, you get a chance to share your story and build a strong relationship with your practitioners. Knowing more about you is the foundation for knowing how we can help you achieve your health goals.

All Natural

We are the only natural, integrative clinic in Ottawa with an exclusive focus on fertility and hormone health. We use evidence based treatments and we are dedicated to bringing you safe, effective natural treatments to help support your journey towards achieving your best health.

We want to help you there. The Key to your health lies within you. Let's Awaken it!

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The key to your balance lies within you.

Let’s Awaken it!

Want to learn more about how our approach can help you?

Our Programs We have two main program streams to choose from

Natural Fertility Program

Our signature Natural Fertility Program is a unique system that helps to uncover the hidden imbalances leading to infertility in both women and men, and a step-by-step treatment process that uses safe, effective, natural therapies to restore balance and optimize fertility.  Our program was designed as a standalone treatment to assist with natural conception, or can complement IVF or other assisted fertility treatments to improve success rates.

Hormone Balancing Program

Our natural Hormone Balancing Program is geared towards any woman who is experiencing symptoms that could be related to hormonal imbalance. Everything from low energy, menstrual concerns, digestive issues, menopausal symptoms, acne, weight and mood issues can all be related to hormones. We have a unique step-by-step process to help uncover the underlying causes and we us an all natural approach to bring you back into optimal balance.

We Want to Help you get there. The Key to your Health lies withinyou. Let’s Awaken it!

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