Awakening your Fertility,

by optimizing your Health, Hormones and Inner Balance!

The Awaken Life Natural Fertility Method

Experience the difference that natural fertility treatments can make

My signature Natural Fertility Program is a unique system to help uncover the hidden imbalances leading to infertility. I use safe, effective, natural therapies to restore balance, optimize your fertility, support IVF and IUI, and assist with natural conception.

Hi, I'm Dr. Priya Prakash, Naturopathic Doctor

I help women and couples optimize their fertility and transform their health through the power of natural medicine.  I believe that the potential to create life is within all of us. Inherent to our fertile power is our balance and health. When the complex systems in our body are not in alignment with each other, creating life becomes difficult.   Fertility is about so much more than just putting egg and sperm together. There are so many factors that conspire together to create just the right environment for conception to happen. My own fertility journey led me to discover what those factors are and I’m on a mission to teach this to anyone who is struggling with infertility. There are natural solutions – we just need to discover what your body needs.
Join me, we are about to take your fertility journey to a whole new direction!

Our Vision Experience a Completely Different Approach

Your Body

I consider more than just your symptoms. We integrate all aspects of your health, which means treating your entire body with an individualized approach. When the body is in balance, hormones naturally take their place, and fertility follows.

Your Voice

I want to get to know you, not just your medical related symptoms.  At Awaken Life, you get a chance to share your story, ask your questions, and be an advocate for your own health. Knowing more about you is the foundation for knowing how I can help you achieve your health goals.

All Natural

I use an all natural approach to optimizing fertility, whether you are TTC naturally, or want to increase chances with IVF/IUI. I use evidence based treatments and I'm dedicated to bringing you safe and effective natural treatments to help support your journey towards achieving your best health.

I want to help you get there. The key to your fertility lies within you. Let's Awaken it!

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The key to your balance lies within you.

Let’s Awaken it!

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