Virtual Fertility Support Group

You are not alone! Join our safe space where you can receive guidance and support while you are on this journey.

As part of my mission to better serve those who are struggling with fertility issues, I host a free monthly fertility support group. 

I know one of the toughest parts of your fertility journey can be the loneliness that can creep up even when you are surrounded by people who love you. Sometimes you need to be around others who are going through the same thing! 

This is a virtual support group that is held online through a video meeting format. It will be co-facilitated Olga Lacroix and myself (Dr. Priya Prakash, ND).  Olga is my amazing colleague who is a Fertility Counsellor, Registered Social Worker and Meditation Coach. She uses a holistic, mindfulness-based approach to help women cope with the emotional and physical distress associated with infertility. She is professionally trained to lead support groups and discussions on sensitive topics.  

Both of us have lived through infertility and have found our happiness in the midst of this struggle. We want to share with you how we did this, and support you through this journey.

Know that you do not have to do this alone! Join our community to feel the love and support as you nagivate through your fertility journey. We would be honoured to be part of your journey!

What makes our support group different?

Safe and neutral space

We create a safe, non-judgemental and neutral virtual space. It is very important to us that we keep this group a safe sanctuary where you can feel comfortable sharing, no matter what your situation is. We have no tolerance for judgement, so we will hold this space for you.

Sessions are facilitated by a trained professional

Don’t get us wrong, we love peer-led groups too, but there are many benefits to a group that is guided by health care professionals

Get guidance and support

Each session will have a facilitatorled time for sharing and receiving guidance and emotional support

Topic specific sessions

Each session will have a topic of focus where we will delve into a specific area of struggle that are common to most who are on this journey. Topics will range from navigating relationship challenges, dealing with setbacks, how to cultivate patience, how to deal with the waiting, fertility-focused mindfulness and more.

Informative knowledge-sharing

There will also be a portion of the session dedicated to knowledge-sharing on key fertility topics by Dr. Priya. Discussion topics will be cover everything from detoxes and fertility, foods for fertility, tips for hormone balance, and more. 


This group is virtual. We meet online and so you can be part of the group out of the comfort of your own home. 

Upcoming Support Group Meetings

Thursday, January 30th 

Please register for your “ticket”. It is free to attend, but we want to be aware of who is attending. Upon registration, you will be sent a link to join the virtual meeting. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Main discussion topic:  We’ll be posting this shortly…check back soon!

Thuresday January 30th
6:00-7:30pm Eastern Time
With Olga Lacroix

Wednesday February 26th

Please stay tuned for the topic! If you would like to receive notifications on upcoming dates, please email to be added to the Support Group mailing list.

Wednesday February 26th
6:00-7:30pm Eastern Time
With Priya Prakash