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Improving fertility and hormonal balance requires a multi-faceted approach.


Improving fertility and hormonal balance requires a multi-faceted approach. That’s why we use an integrative approach to health care. We bring you a range of tools to help your body heal, inside and out. Our skilled team of practitioners can work together to assist  you on the journey to your best self.

The Natural Fertility Program

Our unique integrative approach to improving fertility is based on balancing your entire body with safe natural therapies and a personalized approach. A healthy and balanced body is fertile. We’ll help you get there.

Nutrition Counselling

Learn how to transform your diet to support your hormones. From Food Sensitivity Testing to Meal Planning, we teach you how to eat healthy, and make lasting lifelong changes.

Maya Abdominal Therapy

A time honoured technique passed down from traditional healers, midwives, and shamans of Belize. Maya Abdominal therapy encourages relaxation of the pelvic muscles, creating optimal balance in the body.

IVF and IUI Support

Our 3 month IVF-prep plan can help to maximize your chances of success, by getting you healthy and balanced. From your hormones, to nutrition and acupuncture, a healthier you will lead to better chances of pregnancy through IVF or IUI.

Pelvic Health Physiotherapy

Your physical body is connected to your hormone health and fertility. Pelvic health physiotherapy focuses on the proper functioning of the structures within and of the pelvic basin, including bladder, bowel, sexual and reproductive systems from a structural, biomechanical and pain perspective for both men and women.

Comprehensive Lab Testing

We offer a range of testing along with our skilled interpretation of the results, to help uncover the imbalances in your hormones and overall health.

Fertility Acupuncture

A time-honoured tradition, now supported by scientific research, acupuncture can help to balance the mind and body while restoring optimal hormones & fertility.


Our emotions and stress play a major role in our hormone balance and fertility. Our unique counseling approach can help you achieve the emotional freedom that will transform your health and your life.

Natural Pregnancy Support

Give your baby a head start, by supporting your pregnancy through safe and natural methods. We can help you feel your best, from the first trimester, through labour and post-partum.

Our Programs We have two main program streams to choose from

Natural Fertility Program

Our signature Natural Fertility Program is a unique system that helps to uncover the hidden imbalances leading to infertility in both women and men, and a step-by-step treatment process that uses safe, effective, natural therapies to restore balance and optimize fertility. Our program was designed as a standalone treatment to assist with natural conception, or to complement IVF and other assisted fertility treatments to improve success rates.

Hormone Balancing Program

Our natural Hormone Balancing Program is geared towards any woman who is experiencing symptoms that could be related to hormonal imbalance. Everything from low energy, menstrual concerns, digestive issues, menopausal symptoms, acne, weight, and mood issues can all be related to hormones. We have a unique step-by-step process to help uncover the underlying causes and we us an all natural approach to bring you back into optimal balance.

We want to help you get there. The key to your health lies within you. Let’s Awaken it!

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