Natural Support for Pregnancy



Natural Support for Pregnancy

Congratulations! We’re so happy that you made it this far in your fertility journey!

Now that you’re pregnant, you’re probably worried about every possible thing that can go wrong, what you should be eating, taking, doing, or not doing, and everything in between! Don’t worry, we’ve got your covered!

From the moment of conception there are many factors that can affect the health of your unborn child – stress, diet, genetics, environmental factors, medications and more.
While some things you might not have control over, there is actually a lot that can be done to support your baby’s development in utero, and prevent disease.

Give your baby a head start, by supporting your pregnancy through safe and natural methods. We have many safe options to help with everything from common symptoms experienced during pregnancy, more complicated problems, to ensuring a safe and healthy labour and birth.

There are also natural methods to prevent and treat more complicated problems such as gestational diabetes, gestational hypertension, pre-eclampsia and more.

How we can help with Natural Pregnancy Support:

Nausea, constipation, heartburn
Improving nutrition
Weight management
Pregnancy related aches and pains
Miscarriage prevention
Gestational diabetes
Gestational hypertension
GBS (group-B Strep)
Anxiety, Depression, Stress
Labour preparation
Breech presentation
Going past your due date
Breastfeeding issues (e.g low milk supply)
Post-partum health

Pregnancy Nutrition

Your nutrition plays a pivotal role in the development of the baby’s brain and immune system. We first set that stage by ensuring that you are on a nutritious balanced diet that is optimized for a healthy pregnancy and high in the nutrients needed most by your unborn baby.

We enhance your diet with well researched and safe supplements that will fill in the nutritional gaps from your diet, and improve your nutrient status as well as improve the health of the baby. Did you know, that taking a high quality fish oil during pregnancy can actually improve the health of your baby’s brain development? Additionally, research shows that specific strains of probiotics taken during pregnancy can actually reduce the incidence of atopic conditions like allergies, eczema and asthma in children. With some guidance, you can have a personalized supplement and nutritional plan to support both your health and your baby’s optimal development during pregnancy.

Osteopathy for pregnancy and post-partum

Your body is rapidly changing during this fascinating journey, but with that comes a lot of aches and pains, and some wonderfully random (and strange!) symptoms. Osteopathy is a very gentle form of physical therapy that can help provide relief for common imbalances that come up during pregnancy, maintain your alignment, ensure optimal pelvic alignment for labour, safely assist with the health of your baby, and ensure that your post-partum body returns to balance.

Safe and natural stress management for pregnancy

We have many tools for stress management, anxiety and depression to help you stay emotionally balanced. Pregnancy is a life changing experience, so it’s important for these months to be as enjoyable and stress-free as possible. If you are getting off of medications such as SSRIs because you’re worried about the safety for your baby, there are natural and safe options to help with your emotional health.

Natural Labour Preparation

Our Labour preparation plan can to ensure proper labor progression, prevent the use of unnecessary intervention, help with breech presentation, prevent you from going past your due date (to prevent the need for labour induction), provide pain management through the safe use of acupuncture, herbs & homeopathy, as well as post-partum care, breastfeeding support and more.

Natural Support for Pregnancy, Labour,
Post-Partum and Beyond

We understand the unique and changing needs of each trimester of pregnancy. We’re here to help guide you through each stage and help keep you and baby as healthy as possible. You may be working with a Midwife or Obstetrician as your primary care provider for your pregnancy. Rest assured that our treatments can work as a complementary support to your care with a primary care provider.

With regular visits throughout your pregnancy, you can have your questions answered, discuss any concerns about labour and beyond, improve your diet and health, address acute symptoms or concerns that come up, and prepare your body for a healthy and safe delivery.

Once baby is here, we want to make sure that your experience as a new mother isn’t also clouded by post-partum nutrient depletion, breastfeeding concerns, hormone imbalances or post-partum depression. We can continue to support you throughout your “4th trimester” and beyond, to treat and prevent the most common concerns that can pop up after having a baby.

We also love to treat babies and children! If your child is experiencing health concerns or if you just want to ensure a healthy start for your baby, we you can continue to see your trusted health care team here. We have lots of gentle and safe treatments that are very useful for babies and children. We do consults for food introduction, sleep health, digestion and immune health, and more.

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