IVF and IUI Support



IVF and IUI Support

Thinking About IVF or IUI?

Are you getting In-vitro fertilization (IVF) or Intra-uterine insemination (IUI)?

Are you simply thinking about IVF or IUI? Have you had previously failed attempts of IVF or IUI? Are you on a long waitlist for Ontario’s government-funded fertility treatment cycle? Are you working with the Ottawa Fertility Centre, but wondering if there’s anything more you can be doing to help your chances?

Whatever your situation, if you are even considering IVF or IUI, there are some things you should know before going through this process. Did you know that there are natural ways to improve your success rates? Don’t be fooled into thinking that artificial reproductive technologies (ART) such as IVF or IUI are a guaranteed path to having a baby! While ART provides a great tool for overcoming some factors that cause sub-fertility, it is not a replacement for being healthy. It also does not take into consideration that your entire body (body, mind and spirit) are involved in the delicate process of conception, not just your reproductive system, egg and sperm.

Before attempting IVF or IUI, it’s really important to prepare your body and make sure you’re in the best state of health possible, in order to maximize your chances of pregnancy success.

Preparing for IVF and IUI

Did you know that it takes about 3 months for an egg to mature before ovulation, and for a mature sperm to develop? This means that your health, diet and lifestyle today, will affect the quality of your eggs and sperm 3 months from now. In that time, the growth environment can make a big impact on the health of the mature egg and sperm. Hormones, diet, nutrient availability, antioxidant status, immune health, toxin levels and stress levels all have a role in not only the health of egg and sperm, but for hormone balance, and the health of the uterus where conception and implantation may happen.

More importantly, the DNA contained within that egg and sperm will be affected by all of these pre-conception factors. Did we say DNA? Yes! The very DNA contained within the egg and sperm can be altered by the lifestyle and dietary habits of the mother and father before conception.

The emerging field of epigenetics tell us a lot about how these factors affect our genes. Epigenetics in simple terms, is how the environment (such as diet, stress and toxins) literally alter gene expression (i.e. which genes are turned on or off) and how these DNA changes can be passed on through generations of offspring.

When it comes to fertility research, we know this: maternal and paternal lifestyle factors do influence our health at a cellular level, altering the DNA in the egg and sperm, and this has an impact on our ability to conceive, maintain a pregnancy and the health of the future child.

Be pro-active by adopting healthy habits and addressing your health concerns such as weight, stress and hormone balance. IVF or IUI won’t bypass an unhealthy body and it won’t improve the genetic health of your eggs or sperm. Start preparing for IVF/IUI at least 4 to 6 months before your scheduled cycle. The more time you spend preparing, the better the outcome so that we have enough time to work with you without interfering with the treatments that you may be given once you start your cycle.

What You Can Do Now

Our Natural Fertility Program is designed for this. We will take you through our unique comprehensive approach to optimizing your fertility, and getting you to your highest level of health. We’ll continue to safely support and enhance your IVF/IUI cycle during the treatment cycle to increase your chances of success.

Here’s what we offer to help support IVF or IUI:

Naturopathic Medicine
Herbal Medicine
Nutritional counseling
Vitamins & Supplements
Laboratory testing

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